Oregon Pacific Bank Requests
We will never request account numbers, user names, passwords, Social Security numbers or other confidential information over the telephone or via e-mail unless you initiate the call and we need to verify your identity. For more information about fraud and identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission.
EnFactSM Fraud Analysis and Card Tracking Oregon Pacific Bank utilizes EnFactSM services to protect card holders from fraud and identity theft. EnFactSM will trigger an alert if an unusual purchase is made and will freeze your debit card if suspicious activity is detected. If your debit card is mistakenly frozen for a purchase you made, call one of our Client Service Specialists for help at 800.997.7121.
  • Do use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) whenever possible
  • Don't write your PIN on your card or have it written on something in your wallet
  • Don't give your PIN to someone else
  • Do keep your card secure in your wallet or purse, not laying about
  • Do notify Oregon Pacific Bank before you go on vacation or travel out of state so that unusual charges can be justified
Policies and Disclosures
Be Informed Every day, our clients entrust us to be the stewards of their personal privacy and their financial assets. We take this responsibility very seriously. Because of our interest in protecting their privacy our company has adopted the following policies and disclosures: