Banking On Call FAQ

What number do I call to access Banking On Call?

  • Our Banking On Call number has not changed: Toll Free – (888) 997-2255

How do I access my account for the first time?

  • Upon calling in for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your customer number and PIN number (security code).
    • Customer Number = Primary SSN or Tax ID associated with your account
    • Temporary PIN (security code) = Last four digits of the Primary SSN or Tax ID
      • After calling in for the first time and entering your temporary PIN, you will be prompted to change your PIN number to any four digit number you like.
      • Enter your new PIN followed by the pound sign #
      • Re-enter your new PIN followed by the pound sign # to confirm
    • After successfully changing your PIN, you will be directed to the main menu

Can I skip the opening greeting?

  • You can skip the opening greeting at any time.
    • Press 1 for English
    • Press 2 for Spanish

What are the main menu options?

  • Press 1 for Checking Account Information
  • Press 2 for Savings Account Information
  • Press 3 to Transfer Money Between Accounts
  • Press 4 for CD Information
  • Press 5 for Loans or Loan Payments
  • Press 6 to Change Your PIN (Security Code)
  • Press 9 to Repeat Main Menu Options
  • Press 0 at Any Time to Speak to Oregon Pacific Bank Operations Staff
  • Press *Star to Hang up Banking On Call

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