Battered Persons’ Advocacy Receives Community Impact Award

Oregon Pacific Bank Chooses Battered Persons’ Advocacy for Community Impact Award

Oregon Pacific Bank is celebrating its second annual Community Impact Award by granting $5,000 to the Battered Persons’ Advocacy (BPA) in Roseburg, Oregon. The Bank received twenty-four applications from charitable organizations throughout the State of Oregon this year and felt that BPA demonstrated not only the greatest need, but also the greatest potential for far reaching community impact.

“As the name of the award implies, we are looking for organizations that show the greatest potential for having a lasting impact on the local communities they serve,” says Ellen Huntingdon, Marketing Coordinator at Oregon Pacific Bank. “It is exceedingly difficult to review two-dozen applications and try to narrow it down to one winner. Every submission we received reflected a unique cause and a strong desire to make the world a better place. In the end, our decision to choose Battered Persons’ Advocacy rose from a mix of the overwhelming need for social services in Douglas County, as well as the network of additional partnerships that BPA touches, furthering the reach of the community impact.”

Battered Persons’ Advocacy is based out of Roseburg Oregon and celebrated their 40th anniversary this year. Their belief is that everyone deserves peace at home, and their mission is to provide options, resources, and information about how to build and maintain a life free of violence. BPA provides access to a 24-hour crisis hotline, including emergency shelters for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. They currently have 18 certified advocates and 54 volunteers.

In addition to crisis management, long-term planning, counseling and transitional housing is available. The organization currently provides 60 to 90 day stays available in their shelters, and unfortunately their shelters are always full. The funds received from Oregon Pacific Bank’s Community Impact Award will help with housing issues and will allow BPA to receive a matching grant through the Department of Justice to fund additional shelter options and hotel stays. As one of the biggest issues survivors of domestic violence face is barriers to finding affordable housing, funds to provide temporary shelter is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Unfortunately, domestic violence remains a systemic issue in all communities, but BPA is at the forefront of fighting these abuses. They are now serving more people throughout Douglas County as their services continue to grow and become more comprehensive. In addition to offering support for victims with disabilities and expanding into bilingual services, BPA expands the reach and accessibility of their services to local community members by staffing volunteers and advocates at the Department of Human Services, Douglas County Courthouse, Mercy Medical Center, and Umpqua Community College campus. These community partnerships add up to a greater whole and work towards strengthening the Douglas County community.

Another initiative BPA is working on is the need for education and the ability to offer services to victims and survivors of human trafficking. This issue will be a growing focus of the organization throughout 2019 and beyond as the practice of human trafficking remains a prevalent issue in many rural communities, but remains relatively unknown and unrecognized by the general population.

To learn more about Battered Persons’ Advocacy, please visit their website

You can also help the BPA by attending their annual Gala Dance Competition at Seven Feathers Casino Resort on February 23rd. Oregon Pacific Bank is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the Gala event and encourages anyone who is interested in helping BPA, or who has been impacted by domestic violence to attend.