Holiday Greeting from Oregon Pacific Bank

To the clients, friends, and community partners of Oregon Pacific Bank:


To say that 2020 has been a challenging and unprecedented year is probably the most significant understatement in recent history. Our society has faced, what feels like, insurmountable adversity. Social and racial injustice, a widening political divide, a global pandemic, catastrophic regional wildfires, and an economic recession that seems to have hand-picked the industries it wants to decimate. It would be easy to have a feeling of complete hopelessness.


As 2020 has progressed however, I have witnessed firsthand amazing examples of greatness in the communities we serve. Overwhelming acts of selflessness, kindness, and resiliency. Something that easily washes the feeling of hopelessness away. It is the human spirit.


Let me start with my peers at Oregon Pacific Bank. I am fortunate enough to have 124 co-workers at Oregon Pacific Bank. Every employee this year has faced some level of hardship, but they continue to embody the human spirit every day to ensure tomorrow will be brighter. There is no greater example of this than our participation in the Paycheck Protection Program. After two rounds of loans, our employees administered over 752 loans to local businesses and nonprofit agencies so they could maintain their pre-pandemic levels of employment. We estimate that these funds helped over 15,000 employees in Lane, Coos, Douglas, and Jackson Counties. The tireless and selfless acts of our staff was truly an incredible exhibition of working for the greater good. I am awestruck by their commitment to our clients and the communities we serve. Their selfless actions continued as the year progressed by helping raise money and volunteer their personal time to those affected by wildfires in Jackson, Douglas and Lane Counties.


The examples do not stop there. Oregon Pacific Bank is blessed to be aligned with amazing bank clients and community partners like yourself. You financially supported local agencies that assist our fellow citizens in need. You offered flexibility to your employees when they absolutely needed it. You increased your takeout dining to help our local restaurants survive (and from what I’m told, you tipped well!). And you have hung in there with us when we closed our lobbies to do everything possible to protect our staff and you from the community spread of COVID-19.


In all reality, there will be more challenges in the coming months. I can say, however, that every day is better than the prior. Every day is better because the people who live in our communities will not let it be worse. Our society is filled with people who are selfless, kind and are willing to show true love for their community.  The expression “we are all in this together” has really been overused since March, but it is absolutely true. And to see our local friends, families and partners come together and embrace a sense of community and human spirit, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed.


On behalf of everyone at Oregon Pacific Bank, I want to thank you. Thank you for being a valued member of our community. Thank you for being our client so that we may serve the community. Thank you for putting the needs of others ahead of yourself. We are proud community bankers and are so grateful to be “in this with you.”


We wish you and your family all the best during this holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2021. Let our human spirit continue to burn bright.


With gratitude,

Ron Green
President, CEO
Oregon Pacific Bank