Public Notice of Florence Branch Outbreak

FLORENCE, OR—Oregon Pacific Bank announced that it has identified a workplace outbreak at Oregon Pacific Bank’s Florence Branch, located at 1355 US HWY 101. It has not been determined if these cases are linked to transmission between employees at the place of business, or if they are separate cases stemming from community spread.


Currently, 4 employees have tested positive for COVID-19. Oregon Pacific Bank believes it is unlikely that transmission with the public occurred.


“In mid-November, we made the decision to close our lobby doors to the public in an effort to do our part in protecting the health of our community,” says Ron Green, President of Oregon Pacific Bank. “We are lucky to have the resources available to us to continue to provide the same level of service to our clients through alternative contactless banking methods. This decision has kept the risk of transmission between Bank employees and the public extremely low.”


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently states that spread from touched surfaces is not thought to be a common way for COVID-19 to spread. Therefore, the Bank believes that interactions between their employees and clients through methods such as drive-thru teller are low risk.


If for any reason a Bank client was in close contact—within 6 feet for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period—with an employee from Oregon Pacific Bank’s Florence branch between January 4th and January 14th, they are encouraged to contact their local health provider right away to assess the need for testing. 


Oregon Pacific Bank adheres to all health recommendations and instructions as provided by Lane County Public Health (LCPH), Oregon Health Authority (OHA), and the Oregon Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). This includes the requirement of Bank employees to wear face coverings at all times, follow social distancing guidelines, and disinfection of shared spaces and frequently contacted surfaces.

Oregon Pacific Bank welcomes anyone with questions to reach out to Ron Green directly at 541-902-9800 or