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Who We Are

Our Trust Services department was established in 1996. Since then, Oregon Pacific Bank’s Trust team has experienced continued growth, expanding to Coos Bay in 2002, to Medford in 2012 and Eugene in 2015. As we move forward into the future, we remain focused on our commitment to our clients and to the communities we serve.

What We Do

Living Trust – A living trust with Oregon Pacific Bank allows you to preserve and protect your assets during your lifetime and secure your family’s financial future at the same time. With Oregon Pacific Bank as the trustee or successor trustee of your revocable trust, you will gain the advantage of our years of experience in trust administration. You may participate in the management of your assets during your lifetime and determine how they will be distributed upon death. If you become incapacitated, your assets will be managed for your benefit. At death your trust assets will avoid probate and be distributed according to your wishes.

Estate Planning and Settlement – With an estate plan in place, you will be able to preserve your wealth, assets, and values for generations to come. Planning ahead can help you avoid probate and establish your legacy according to your exact wishes. Oregon Pacific Bank can serve as personal representative of your estate or be of help in the event that you are asked to fulfill this responsibility for someone else. We handle all aspects of estate administration. Oregon Pacific Bank can be named as the personal representative of your estate. Regardless of the size of your estate, you should not put this responsibility in inexperienced hands. Your will can designate us to handle this critical responsibility. We can manage all aspects of the estate administration process. We gather assets, pay debts, file all necessary tax returns, and pay taxes when due. We are able to administer unique assets including real estate, personal property, and collectibles.

Charitable Trust – Oregon Pacific Bank can act as the trustee of a charitable trust. A thoughtfully designed charitable trust can provide financial protection for you or your family members, as well as supporting your favorite charity. With a charitable trust, you may reserve the right to receive income during your lifetime with the charity receiving the residue upon your death. Significant income tax benefits may be available as well.

Irrevocable Trust – An irrevocable trust may be created for tax or estate planning purposes. All required tax work is managed by the trust department.

Investment Management – An investment agency account with Oregon Pacific Bank provides you with professional asset management and allows you to maintain as much control and direction of your investments as you would like. Our investment professionals will work with you to establish an investment strategy suited to your personal goals and circumstances.

Conservatorship – Oregon Pacific Bank can be court appointed as the conservator for a protected person, taking on the responsibilities of managing their estate when the protected person is no longer able to. As the conservator, our job is to safeguard all conservatorship assets and to distribute funds for the care and support of the protected person.

*Oregon Pacific Bank’s trust department offers products that are not FDIC insured, are not guaranteed by the Bank, and are subject to loss of principal

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