Additional Services

Banking on Call
  • Telephone banking available 24 hours per day

  • Review account balances, monitor transactions, transfer funds between accounts, monitor loans and CDs

Direct Deposit
  • Oregon Pacific Bank is set up to accept most employer direct deposit services
  • Deliver money to your checking or savings account electronically
  • Avoid lost mail and receive your paycheck the same day it is issued
  • Receive federal benefits such as Social Security or Veteran’s Compensation by enrolling online at

Night Depository
  • Secure depository service for after banking hours
  • No charge for depository keys
  • Secure zipper or locking bags available to purchase for a nominal fee

  • Notary service provided free of charge to any individual or entity during normal business hours

 Overdraft Protection Options
  • Link your primary checking account to a savings or additional checking account, allowing funds to be automatically transferred to your primary checking if the account becomes overdrawn; there is a $5 service charge assessed for each transfer
  • Apply for a Checkline Account to link to your checking account; instead of paying an overdraft fee per item, you will only have to pay back the money borrowed to cover the overdraft up to your established credit limit, plus accrued interest charged on the balance outstanding

 Safe Deposit Box
  • We offer safe deposit boxes at our Florence and Eugene branches only
  • The boxes range in size from 2″ x 5″ to 10″ x 10″

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MoneyPass ATM Network 

We are part of the MoneyPass ATM network, meaning you can use your ATM/Debit card at any MoneyPass ATM without paying a surcharge!

Find a MoneyPass ATM near you >>

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Online Check Ordering

Out of checks? Contact your local Client Service Representative or reorder online through our third party vendor Harland Clarke >>